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My software

Some software I have written for AmigaOS 4.x / others...

Activity Meter

Activity Meter 1.0. May 2020.


Shaderjoy 1.21 for AmigaOS 4. OpenGL ES 2.0 -based shader player. April 2021.

Fractal Nova

Fractal Nova 0.2 for AmigaOS 4. Warp3D Nova -based fractal toy. Mar 2020.


glSnoop project page. glSnoop is a tool for tracing OpenGL ES 2.0 and Warp3D Nova. Dec 2019.

Hello Hungary Redux

Hello Hungary Redux , improved version of the original demo. Sep 2015.

Diamonds and Dust

Diamonds and Dust 0.1 for AmigaOS 4. 2014.

Diamonds and Dust 0.1 for Windows

Diamonds and Dust 0.1 for MacOS X

Nelipala (a Tetris clone, new version uses SDL2)

Nelipala 0.13 for AmigaOS 4. 2017.

Nelipala 0.13 for Windows.

CPUWatcher (AmigaOS 4)

CPUWatcher 0.7 , a tool to watch CPU usage and network activity over time. Updated 2020! GitHub project here.

PlayMate (AmigaOS 4)

PlayMate 0.2 , a general purpose instrument tuner with metronome. Updated 2016.

AnimalKeeper (AmigaOS 4)

AnimalKeeper 0.2 , a puzzle game similar to ZooKeeper, Bejeweled etc. Updated 2008.

D-fragmenta (AmigaOS 4)

D-Fragmenta , a puzzle game with source code. Updated 2008.


Stunt Car Remake

Binary. Sources. May 2018.

Milkytracker (SDL2)

1.02 Binary. Sources. March 2018.

Aleph One (SDL2/MiniGL)

Binary. Sources. August 2017.

SDL2 and SDL

AmigaPorts SDL project page. Feb 2020.

Super Methane Bros (SDL2 version)

Binary. Sources. September 2017.

CannonBall (OutRun engine)

SDL2 version. 2016.

The Zod Engine

Binary. Sources. Check "readme" carefully! Added 25th Jul 2013.

ioquake 3 (SDL2)

ioquake3_SDL2, a new port which uses SDL2. Sources. Updated 2nd June 2017.


OpenArena 0.8.1. Updated 2008.

Quake 2

Quake 2, based on Hyperion Entertainment's Q2 sources. MiniGL needed.Sources. Updated 2008.


PrBoom, PrBoom SVN trunk version. Sources. Updated 2008.


NetPanzer, NetPanzer trunk version. Updated 2008.








Raspberry PI

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